Monday, February 5, 2007

Recap 50K


Fast Race Facts:

1st ultra distance trail run in Orange County. Read About the Twin Peaks 50/50 in the Paper.

For the 50K (31miler) there were no potty restrooms, and only 2 aid stations. First Aid station was located at mile 9, then at the turn around at mile 15, then as you came back down the mtn. at mile 22.

Total Elevation: 6,000 feet (1.8KM)

Temp: Low 70’s felt like 80 in direct sun.


The buildup prior to the twinpeaks ultra was very mixed with highs and lows throughout the day. Saturday Feb 3rd, started with a easy 20mile bike ride with all of my tri-buddies, I have missed countless bike rides with the group due to trail running training. Saturdays were replaced with 14-29mile trail training runs, followed by running with my Sunday Snails group for 10-18mile runs. Why? Good question continuing on with my day after the bike ride, was having the great pleasure of hear Dean Karnazes speak at Fleet Feet. It was around 1:30pm and I realized I am way behind on my nutrition intake for the day. I was pretty much starving at this point. I went with Janai Pitts and George to a Romos in San Juan a very nice restaurant that sits next to train station. After lunch we decided that we would head over to a local pub called “Swallows” to meet Lar Dog at 2:30pm. This bar is a very popular hangout for Harley-Davidson bikers, the bar was filled with Bras-and panties and loud music. This was not my normal hangout on the weekend, I left the bar saying good bye-to Janai and George as they waited for Larry.

I rushed home to do a weeks worth of laundry and to have a early dinner. I went to the local super market for my sweat potato, white rice, and chicken noodle soup. I finished my super by 4:45pm, now I had rush back across town to pick up my race material in Mission Viejo, I decided to recruit my daughter Lorraine, for this event, by the time we went on the freeway she was fast asleep. As I finally reached my destination, there was a large crowed of 60+ people lots of familiar faces, but what I thought was strange was they had clothes on, I still find it somewhat odd of how people look so different from training to a social setting. I meet with Lisa, to coordinate the carpool schedule the pickup time was 5:15am. Now realizing it was 6:45pm, I made a gracious exit and headed home to prepare the next morning. I set my alarm for 3:30am.

Race Morning:

I was awake at 2:00am, I went to bed at 9:30pm. As I tossed and turned there was no way I was going back to sleep. I had my usual long race-pre meal, that consisted of a bagel, oatmeal, ensure, and Peets Coffee. I left my place at 4:30am and headed to Rancho Santa Margarita, I was a bit early, so I decided to make a restroom stop break.

It was 5:16am and Lisa was already calling me wanting to know where was I? I was driving kinda slow in the neighborhood because I could not see the address numbers.

Anyhow she packed her gear in my car and we headed to Starbucks for Restroom break #2. We had to wait 3min before starbucks opened, after we finished, as we pulled out from the parking lot waiting for the light to turn green, there was this Honda car, driving down Portola with 3 Tires! Yes Three Tires, and 1 rim, sparks were flying all over the place, I though it was the 4th of July. We headed to the Oakley parking lot, this was the meeting spot for the shuttles that would take us to the start. Our bus left at 6am, we met with Kim French, and Eric and others at the start. With 20min prior to the start, I was 2nd guessing my attire, I packed a race singlet just in case it blazing hot. It was still a bit cool, so I decided to stick with my white technical shirt.

Race Start:

At the start, I carried over 88oz of fluid, 2 hand bottles, and 2 bottles on my race belt. Pack away in my bag included my ipod nano for the trip down, a half a bottle of redbull for the trip down, 6 powerbar gels (thank you Julie) 3 cliff bars, and travel size toilet paper just in case. After mile one, my gloves came off, as we trekked up hill we encountered strange hot pockets of air. Lisa, Kim and I tried to stick together, as much as possible. Lisa is a stronger runner going up, and I was trying to follow her lead, she had a quicker step this morning. Kim and I looked at each other and said I guess it will be just the two of us. I tried my best to keep Lisa in my radar, that way I could eventually catch her. 3 weeks prior to the race both Lisa and I, did a training run of the course we completed 29miles on a day I think was the coldest day of the year, I was told at the top it was a 19 degrees. Knowing the course helped, I knew what to expect, Kim on the other hand did not know, she had missed the course preview runs. I tried my best to encourage her to stick with me to the top, we shared a few stories, and planed some future trail runs together. We made it to Mile 9 and it only took 2:09mins, we had

shade going all the way up, that meant to me that we would not have any shade going down. Knowing this I kept hydrating, and took plenty of salt tablets. At mile 15.5 the top of Santiago Peak (towers), both Kim and I made to the top together. Lisa just started to trek down, and I shouted I am right behind you. I think I was about 2min behind. I was determined to catch her on the downhill. Kim wanted to take the opportunity and have a Kodak moment. I refueled with more water, and Endurance Formula, powered up my ipod nano started with the Stones (Start Me Up), She had encouraged me to don’t wait for her, she stated that she was going to take it easy on the way down. I encouraged her to keep a nice even pace, we stayed together for about 2miles, I fell into an nice rhythm,

The leg turnover, was quick and short, at mile 22, Kim was not insight. I asked for a quick refuel of water, was out within 15seconds. I realized I was ahead of schedule of my projected time. The body felt good, at about mile 28, I felt the nagging little rocks in my shoes, I decided to take off my shoe to empty the contents. But no rocks feel out, and I kept rubbing my sock to find the pebbles, all I felt was two extra large balloons pockets. Yikes I felt this before, BLISTERS, I

sucked it up and tried to change my landing of my foot position. As I was making my way towards the finish line, I took the time to reflect on the days journey and huge accomplishment, and my sore feet. I met Lisa at the picnic table she finished 22min ahead of me, Kim followed 10min later.

Lisa’s husband Jeff took me back to my car at Oakley, I had to take off my sock to see the damage because it was on my right foot, I needed my food to press on the case and brake. Oh yeah, I realized I had to sterilize my safety pin, and I had to quickly drain my blisters, and make the 3:30pm kick off start for the super bowl.

At home I was able to consume, ribs, potato salad, 3 cokes, 4 bottles of water, 8 oreo cookies, and 800mg of Ibuprofen.

My race time was 6hr 36min.

The person that won had a time of 4:54, the last person finished 8:55.

I was 5th in my age group, finally I found a sport that I place within the single digits. J

Would I do this again? You bet.

Upcoming races will include a 195mile run across Denver(altitude) within 48hrs. (Relay race). I will most likely find some long distance trail in Big bear to help prepare for Denver. Also on the list is a marathon up north called Ave of Giants which is a area of the huge Redwood forest. I think that will be a very scenic course.

I will try my best to include a 50mile trail run sometime before the end of the year, hopefully on a much cooler day.

Thank you for your support and I look forward to seeing you at the races soon.