Thursday, February 26, 2009

Race on the Base- Results

I am not sure what I was thinking when I registered for all 3 events back to back... but I am happy that things work out for the good on this day. The early morning started out at 5:15am when I left from Fountain Valley, to drive about 30min to the race site. I was 15min early, the guards did not let me in until 6am. I later arrived at 6am and they let me in- then it took at least 36min of waiting to in a long line to find parking. I still had to pick up all three bibs, go to the restroom and find my snails pace group. At this point I was way behind schedule it was at least 7:15am- I went looking for my group in the massive line. My plan was to start from the back then work my way up and help pace my group in as they needed it. I managed to find a few runners along the way and take a few pics. After I crossed the finish line, I had about 15min- to go to my car- get my bike and take it to the TRI area. TRI area did not open until 7:30am :), so with min's to spare - I jumped in line for the 10k start which started at 8:30am...
The 10K race was kinda long- I was expecting some company but they were sick and could not run. So I thru on the ipod tunes and tried to keep a steady pace and finish under 1hr :)
After I finished the 10K- I had to go back to my car because I forgot my stickers for my bike :( now I had to run all the way back to the TRI area to put on the stickers. The stickers are for security, the number on the bike should match your bib or the hand stamp. After dealing with the sticker issue- I had 2min's to jump in line for the 5K run- I tried my best to countdown the time and leave something in the tank for the bike. This 5k split was faster than my first 5k :), after the run, I could not wait to jump on my bike. The bike felt sooo good, I was passing alot of people- after 3 loops of the bike course, I jumped off the bike, and jumped in the pool- for the swim portion... it was really packed with bodies. I tried my best to not kick anyone :) but in the end- I was pleased with my effort on this long day. I would like to thank the folks at the Snails Pace Running shop for sponsoring me for this event. Also my students in my running 101 group have truly been a source of inspiration- they show up on time- and have strong desire to get fit and most importantly have fun... isn't this why we all do this?

my times...

Vara, Pete   36:08   710  442   44 5K Run
Vara, Pete 57:11 256 183 31 10K Run
Vara,Pete 33:08 39:14 4:53 1:17:13.13

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dawn Patrol -dirt early edition runs at shady canyon

Our start time this morning was 5:01 am for a brisk 8 mile out and back at shady canyon in irvine- this was a good follow-up run considering how much leg stress I had yesterday. The hills at shady were pretty easy and soft compact sand made it even move inviting to push a little faster. This small group of early risers is simply amazing, we are all improving in so many ways and are always encouraging each other.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wednesday Early Morning Run-Bike Edition

OMG- what an exhilarating training session I had this morning... It was one of sessions of what I call "confidence builder"- I started on the treadmill or dreadmill and ran for 25min at a easy 8min pace with my dear friend Camille.

We quickly transitioned to the bike. This is where the fun started, we warmed up for 5min, then we did 3 sets of 10min (build) increasing the tension every 2min, after each 10min session we quickly did 1min of rapid squats with 10lb weights, followed by a 45sec hold in the squat position. I never ever felt my legs on fire before. This was a great feeling- I am planning to really hammer on Saturday during the bike portion of the race. I just hope the winds are in my favor on the flat course. After our 45min bike session Camille said next time we'll incorporate squat jumps :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Race on the Base Prep- 5k,10K,TRI all in one day...

In just a few short days I am looking forward to comeback into the TRI world. I am not sure if it will be a permanent comeback or just something temporary. After some time off from TRI's (3years) and connecting with the Trail running community. I have found new things about myself and fostering new relationships with other runners.

For example- I love track workouts, i love doing hills, I used to hate running because I felt I was always slow. And in some ways I still feel like I am slow... but I feel the trail running community is very close and the sense of community is really felt. I feel the sport of triathlon has also prepared me to better balance my training by incorporating cross training, cycling and swimming. Both serve a tremendous catalyst to proper recovery and staying injury free.

So my goal this weekend is to have a positive experience and lead by example to my snails pace students that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. I will pace my 5K beginning running group on their first 5k, then run the 10K, and then race the reverse tri- (well at least i will have a nice pool cool down after a long day)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

ProWash Review

I am pleased with my recent wash test with ProWash- as an ultra runner- and ironman triathlete, I have more technical gear than casual clothes proud to say :). I tend to run twice a day 2 times a week on the trails and roads. My technical gear does pile up very fast, and washing has become a ritual 2 times a week during my peak training period. I used ProWash thru the month of January, it has been very wet and muddy here in so. Cal so I wanted to make sure this product lived up to its reputation. Personal observations the liquid was very light and not as thick as some of the other detergents. The spout was unique in nature, but I did like the clear measuring line that showed how much liquid was left in the pouch.

I was very impressed on how the product brought back to life my technical gear- from the socks, shorts, shirts, hats, gloves, and arm warmers. My technical gear had this fresh feeling, and my body felt like it could breathe again. More important the odor was removed from the clothing which made me feel great. You can go to the ProWash website here.