Wednesday, February 11, 2009

ProWash Review

I am pleased with my recent wash test with ProWash- as an ultra runner- and ironman triathlete, I have more technical gear than casual clothes proud to say :). I tend to run twice a day 2 times a week on the trails and roads. My technical gear does pile up very fast, and washing has become a ritual 2 times a week during my peak training period. I used ProWash thru the month of January, it has been very wet and muddy here in so. Cal so I wanted to make sure this product lived up to its reputation. Personal observations the liquid was very light and not as thick as some of the other detergents. The spout was unique in nature, but I did like the clear measuring line that showed how much liquid was left in the pouch.

I was very impressed on how the product brought back to life my technical gear- from the socks, shorts, shirts, hats, gloves, and arm warmers. My technical gear had this fresh feeling, and my body felt like it could breathe again. More important the odor was removed from the clothing which made me feel great. You can go to the ProWash website here.

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