Sunday, August 26, 2007

25K Bulldog Trail Race Report

This local trail race was really easy to get to, it turned out to be about 1hr15min drive from my house. The race started in Malibu Creek State Park, the course offered great views of the ocean, and some interesting rock formation. I was also told parts of the TV Series M*A*S*H where filmed here... Although that Hit TV show series was before my time, I took their word for it.
I had a fantastic time with my race running partner Kim French. We have not ran together since Lake Hodges. She has been plagued with some foot problems and took several months off. But we pretty much picked up where we left off... I feel real fortunate to have running partner like Kim, I think we are a great team, it really felt like we were in synch... our breathing patterns were the same, and other aches and pains. I officially signed up for the 25K, and Kim registered for the 50K, which is a second loop of the first loop. Months ago when I signed up I knew Aug was typically a very Hot month, so I wimped out and just delt with the first loop. My Finish time was 3hr 8min.
Both Kim and I agreed to sign up for Leona Divide 50Miler in April of next year :)

Friday, August 17, 2007

Picture of the day

by ansel adams

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Wild West Part II

More about the race, I personally had great time. I was fortunate enough to have a pit support crew of Jennifer and Alexa. Both are great people and were gracious enough to make a running vacation out of the trip. As of 5 weeks prior to the race we were a strong team of 6 runners. And after 2 people dropped our team quickly dwindled to 3-4 runners. We collectively decided to drop out of the race as a team. But Jennifer, Alexa, and I had non-refundable airline tickets so we were going regardless. I found a 12 person team that was looking for 1 runner. I joined the team, and added that 2 fantastic runners from OC wanted to get in some extra miles and would pace the others at night. The night prior to the race, I was informed that I would be needed in Van #1, because they needed a runner to run a 10mile leg, and also the runner that I switched with was about 2 weeks pregnant. I was a little bummed at first, because I had wanted to get to Anca a little bit more in her van #2. But it turned out things went very smooth in Van #1. The crew treatment in Van#1 was first class. I found out that one of the runners Monique, was a doctor. I have never witness such a classy group of individuals. The way we organized transportation was a little spread out. Since we had Jennifer, Alexa following in another minivan, I was trying to keep both groups entertained. But I think in the End, I had a bit more leg room to stretch out, and Van #1 had minus 1 runner, and had a little extra leg room.

Jennifer and Alexa were able to really bond with the runners from Van#1 and they got the feeling towards the end that they really enjoyed the extra company while running together.
Jennifer, Alexa and I did not get much rest- while Van#1 was resting for 5hrs we continued to run run and run. We kinda got little hints that Van#2 did not want much pacer support, but we went ahead and ran anyway especially at night. Night running was the BEST. I have never seen so many stars, and shooting stars. However, as day came around. Van#1 was well rested and it was time to set it up notch to complete the relay under 34hours. After our 6 legs, we were all pretty much toasted and smelly. We had a window of 5hrs before Van #2 would finish. We quickly drove into Steamboat, checked into the hotel, showered and ate food. I kinda dosed off, and soon realized that our team finished. I felt kinda bad that I was not there to close out the race. I was not sure what the group plan was to celebrate and with limited cell phone coverage in steamboat, Jennifer + her daughter and I went to a Hot Springs located in the mtns. That was icing on the cake, I did not realize how sore I was while soaking in the hot water. 2hrs later I was fast asleep. :)

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Wild West Relay Recap

I arrived in Fort Collins. on Thursday. I met Stephanie from the group who is currently on summer break from school. Her and I agreed to met up for easy 5mile run, also to run many errands. The picture above is a photo of directions to the Car Rental place as well as the directions to Anca (team captain) office. I never seen directions posted on a paper towel before...
The day past very fast, after dropped off the Vans, and went shopping for food and other last minute supplies.

Race Morning consisted of alot of moaning and groaning due to the early wake-up call at 5:15am.

Before the start of the race, our first runner of leg #1, was nervous that she would get lost, so she decided to write directions on her hands.

The banana guy custom was short lived, about 3miles into the run, half of his suite was peeling off....
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My Trip to Denver

I arrived in Denver on Aug 1st, and my good friend and old college roommate Mike, picked me up at that airport. Mike had just moved from the bay area to live with his brother in Denver. Mike and I stayed at nearby Marriott Courtyard in the city center.
We walked around strip mall to find somewhere to eat. I noticed the Coytote Ugly bar, I had only watched portions of the movie but was interested in checking it out after dinner. We went to a local Italian restaurant and had a few cocktails, after dinner we headed to Saloon and noticed that the bartenders putting on a show. It was still early in the night, I would assume the place gets really busy during the weekend. I wanted to head back to the room, because I knew I had a full day of activities lined up. More on that later...

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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Wild West Pre-Recap Post

Ok I am lagging in my updating my blog, but here is a quick teaser that I put together for the team in Colorado. Enjoy!

The Hottest Ass on the pass