Thursday, November 27, 2008

Dana Point Turkey Trot

Part of the Snails Pace running program includes a kinda mid-term race practice. This year our mid-term race included the Dana Point Turkey Trot. We had several runners from our group that had interest in this race but some could not show up at the last min.

Believe it or not this photo is a pre-race photo :) Donna and I had carpooled to the race site- and as we were getting into Dana Point it just started to rain. We both love coffee so we went to a Local Peets in Dana Point, to keep warm. Then we ended up driving around for what seemed like 45 min to find parking. After we found parking like 1 mile away from the race site, it just started to pour rain. We were both soaked and I was nursing my coffee to every last drip. We finally made it to the Snails Pace running tent to find shelter- there we connected with our runners Christine and Beth. This was their first race ever, and it was pretty exciting to see there development come along. So after this photo we had about 30min to warm up, so we walked up this big hill to kinda get the blood flowing to the legs and hands. We managed to keep moving and feel right into line as the race started. Both Beth and Christine rocked the course- they kept and a good mental attitude throughout the race and both felt great coming across that finish line.