Thursday, February 14, 2008


Last weekend 2/10/08 a week after my Surfcity Marathon, I scheduled a 28mile trail training run. The run consisted looping El Moro 3 times. I was really impressed with the turnout of company. We had various level of athletes out for a good run. I was pretty much DONE by Loop 3, it was really hot and felt like it was 90 degrees.

While still in Recovery mode, I still wanted to attend our track workout on Tuesday. Not feeling 100%, I told the coach what I have been doing for the last 2 weeks, and he asked what I have been smoking.... He recommended that I do easy pace 4-1mile repeats. I recruited a fellow runner to run with with me, this runner usually runs with our group but sometimes has a hard time of keeping up. Like many new runners, he usually would start the race too fast and quickly fades at the end. I Encouraged him to run with me at a consistent running pace. I could tell he was pushing it, by his rapid breathing I gave him some tips as we were running talking to him about his running form, moving his arms etc... he found a new love of running. He was able to maintain a good pace for the entire workout without bonking... I believe it was a win/win I was able to recover and he was able to Re-Energize his running confidence. More importantly I felt good all around helping another runner and not focusing on myself.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Surf City Marathon

Chance of showers in Southern California?
Well I can't complain I normally thrive in raining weather, but when you add 15-20mph winds the fun rapidly goes away.

This was to be my big party weekend, with back-to-back races. A 50K ultra Twin Peaks (Currently Postponed) followed by a Road Marathon the next day. So instead of running 31miles the day prior I opted to run only 12miles out in the Saddleback mountains. I went into this road marathon with alot of hesitation because it was not my main focus. I was privilege enough to have a running partner (pacer) to keep me company for most of the race. I honestly just wanted to finish without getting injured. I am convinced that my body type is just not made for running on the streets. I feel I can handle 13miles or less without any significant damage. But running a fully road marathon? Those days are over unless I am doing a Ironman. My Body does not ache after a long trail run, for that reason I will continue to explore and run long on the trails. Finish time 4:58 :)