Friday, March 16, 2007

My Little Monkey Gracie Santa Ana Zoo

Just testing out the publishing features from Picasa, from my new Casio camera.

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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Los Angeles 5K Race Report



March 4, 2007

Leading up to the race, was an interesting week. First the whole family had the flu, leading up to the race I was in my third day of recovery. Nonetheless I still felt like it was in my chest.

On Friday March 2nd, I was invited to attend a group dinner at Lucianos in Dana Point. The guest speaker was Dave Scott. Dave Scott is a 6 time Ironman Champion, he is an engaging speaker. He had a little talk on Success in sports, I found it to be very informative and motivating. Dave was in down for the weekend for a triathlon clinic for the Orange County Triathlon Club.

On Saturday March 3rd, I participated in a group trail run with my fellow Orange County Trail Runners. The run was located in Aliso Woods which included a 11mile loop. We had a great turn out, 17 trail runners were in attendance. The purpose of the trail run for me was to get a good idea of how the legs felt. The leg turnover was not there, and my coughing persisted turning the run.

On Sunday March 4th, I met with Lisa K, at Snails pace in Fountain Valley. We carpooled to LA for her LA Marathon. I was her pacer for miles 20-26.2, since I registered for the 5K, what was an extra 6miles? Lisa informed me she had fallen ill and was resting 2 days prior. We coordinated a estimated time at mile 20. After we parked and went to our starting areas, I had to warm up and run 2miles to the start of the 5K. The legs felt kinda tired and did not have that quick bounce like I feel when I am 100%. The lingering coughing persisted during the warm-up and up to the start of the 5K. After the gun went off the energy of the crowd propelled me for the first mile, soon after that my coughing and breathing was way off, I tried to push it, but the mojo just was not there. I throttled back and kept a brisk pace to the finish. My finish time was 28:06 not my best time, but it will just have to get better next time.

After the race completed my main focus was to recover quickly and prepare for another 6mile run in 2hrs. I found a local restaurant for coffee, and a cliff bar. I just took my time drinking 3 cups of coffee and reading the morning paper. Before I knew it was time to pace Lisa. I finally saw her at mile 20, she was not having a good day. Lisa’s legs were feeling heavy and started to resort to walking. We started to jog a bit and then got into a nice rhythm. We continued and it seemed like the miles markers were very close together. We continued to push through mile 26, and finally finished. It was a long hot day in Los Angeles for all of us. I started to look forward getting home, and resting for the rest of the day. And now my focus is on my 10k in Fashion Island March 25th, I will try to beat last years time of 55min. Bye for now.