Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Quick Update

I am still recovering from the Long Beach Half marathon believe it or not...
After last years horrible experience of trying to beat 4hrs. I swore I would never do this course again. I somehow convinced myself to run the half with a few friends, I finished the race with an very sore ankles, hamstring issues. At one point during the race I opted to run on the beach sand. There is something to be said about concrete, basically I come to accept that concrete and my size 13 feet don't mix well.

Today I am waiting for my 3pm 1hr massage, I can't wait. I hope for a speedy recovery and I am looking forward to a easy 9 mile trail run this Saturday, followed by a 18-20 mile road run in Huntington beach on Sunday. My plan is to train on most of the Surf City Marathon Course.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Weekend Results

Weekend of fun in the sun. I went into the trail race about 70%, I have been bothered by some IT band issues along my left leg. It started with a short 6 mile tempo run on Thursday. I was on the foam roller for the last 18hrs trying to iron out all the kinks. Going into this weekend was a big test. I wanted to see how my body would recover from back to back runs. Saturday Trail race included a 18K (2:06 finish time)run thru point mugu. I had alot of fun on Saturday, both during the race and after. A group of us from OCTRAILRunners carpooled, and opted for a post race dip into the ocean at Zuma Beach. The water was icy cold, but I think it did wonders for my ankles, and quads.
On Sunday, I went out for a long 17 mile road run in Huntington Beach, I tried doing much as possible of the Surf City Marathon course. I started out super early at 5:30am, I wanted to be done before 9am, I was finished by 8:30am. I kept a pretty easy pace for the first 10miles, and started to push what I had left in the tank for the last 7 miles. After the run, I felt like I just ran 17miles, and I couldn't wait to get home to veg out all day. I made a point of setting my alarm early for Monday for my recovery swim. Trust me it works! If you don't consider yourself a swimmer, just get a kickboard and do about 4-6 laps of kicking, it really helps flush out all of that nasty stuff in the legs. I am looking forward for my early trail run tmr, followed by a track workout tmr night. Next Sunday is the Long Beach City Half Marathon, I am debating on what to do on Saturdy, go for a 14mile trail run with the group or go for a 60+ mile bike ride?