Monday, October 8, 2007

Weekend Results

Weekend of fun in the sun. I went into the trail race about 70%, I have been bothered by some IT band issues along my left leg. It started with a short 6 mile tempo run on Thursday. I was on the foam roller for the last 18hrs trying to iron out all the kinks. Going into this weekend was a big test. I wanted to see how my body would recover from back to back runs. Saturday Trail race included a 18K (2:06 finish time)run thru point mugu. I had alot of fun on Saturday, both during the race and after. A group of us from OCTRAILRunners carpooled, and opted for a post race dip into the ocean at Zuma Beach. The water was icy cold, but I think it did wonders for my ankles, and quads.
On Sunday, I went out for a long 17 mile road run in Huntington Beach, I tried doing much as possible of the Surf City Marathon course. I started out super early at 5:30am, I wanted to be done before 9am, I was finished by 8:30am. I kept a pretty easy pace for the first 10miles, and started to push what I had left in the tank for the last 7 miles. After the run, I felt like I just ran 17miles, and I couldn't wait to get home to veg out all day. I made a point of setting my alarm early for Monday for my recovery swim. Trust me it works! If you don't consider yourself a swimmer, just get a kickboard and do about 4-6 laps of kicking, it really helps flush out all of that nasty stuff in the legs. I am looking forward for my early trail run tmr, followed by a track workout tmr night. Next Sunday is the Long Beach City Half Marathon, I am debating on what to do on Saturdy, go for a 14mile trail run with the group or go for a 60+ mile bike ride?

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Jessica Deline said...

you are really working it lately. dang!