Monday, July 30, 2007

Quick Update

After my race in Big Bear, I was feeling fairly confident on my race pace strategy. However, I still felt a nagging knee pain especially going down hill. I sent in my registration for the Camp Pendleton Tri, and started to train on my bike again. Then on June 20th I received my check back from the race organizer stating that the race has been closed. That really put me through a tail spin, because my strategy was to run a super fast 10K, recover then race the camp Pendleton and beat my time from last year. End result I canceled both races and decided to rest the knee and take a mini vacation in Las Vegas. I don’t remember the last time I took off 10 days without any activity.

After Vegas my focus was on ramping up a two workshop for work, and getting ready for the Wild West relay in Colorado.

We had a team of 6 runners from the club, 2 dropped out, and our team captain couldn’t join because of work obligations. Which left us with kinda unorganized, to make a long story short collectively we decided not to run the race as a team. I joined a 12 person team called Hot Asses on the Pass. Jennifer and Alexa have non-refundable airline tickets and will shadow our team and treat this as a running vacation. We hope to get in some additional trail training while in Steamboat,CO, we all hear it is a fantastic area to hangout in. I am looking forward to meeting this new group they seem to have a good spirit about them.