Sunday, August 12, 2007

Wild West Relay Recap

I arrived in Fort Collins. on Thursday. I met Stephanie from the group who is currently on summer break from school. Her and I agreed to met up for easy 5mile run, also to run many errands. The picture above is a photo of directions to the Car Rental place as well as the directions to Anca (team captain) office. I never seen directions posted on a paper towel before...
The day past very fast, after dropped off the Vans, and went shopping for food and other last minute supplies.

Race Morning consisted of alot of moaning and groaning due to the early wake-up call at 5:15am.

Before the start of the race, our first runner of leg #1, was nervous that she would get lost, so she decided to write directions on her hands.

The banana guy custom was short lived, about 3miles into the run, half of his suite was peeling off....
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