Sunday, August 26, 2007

25K Bulldog Trail Race Report

This local trail race was really easy to get to, it turned out to be about 1hr15min drive from my house. The race started in Malibu Creek State Park, the course offered great views of the ocean, and some interesting rock formation. I was also told parts of the TV Series M*A*S*H where filmed here... Although that Hit TV show series was before my time, I took their word for it.
I had a fantastic time with my race running partner Kim French. We have not ran together since Lake Hodges. She has been plagued with some foot problems and took several months off. But we pretty much picked up where we left off... I feel real fortunate to have running partner like Kim, I think we are a great team, it really felt like we were in synch... our breathing patterns were the same, and other aches and pains. I officially signed up for the 25K, and Kim registered for the 50K, which is a second loop of the first loop. Months ago when I signed up I knew Aug was typically a very Hot month, so I wimped out and just delt with the first loop. My Finish time was 3hr 8min.
Both Kim and I agreed to sign up for Leona Divide 50Miler in April of next year :)


e-rod said...

hey, i thought you said you were done with ultras?!? crazy guy. leona divide, huh?

i'm with you, pete. i wimped out too. went out for the 25k, although at the finish, i felt like something else was missing.

when kos said that you started with kim, i thought for sure you'd come in the top 5. didn't realize you got an official early start.

when are we gonna have that martini?

Pete Vara said...

hey Eric,
Martini sound good- we will have to arrange a cocktail hour again. My treat this time :)

Addy said...

great job on the awesome race! Glad you had such a nice running partner to pass the time with :)