Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wednesday Early Morning Run-Bike Edition

OMG- what an exhilarating training session I had this morning... It was one of sessions of what I call "confidence builder"- I started on the treadmill or dreadmill and ran for 25min at a easy 8min pace with my dear friend Camille.

We quickly transitioned to the bike. This is where the fun started, we warmed up for 5min, then we did 3 sets of 10min (build) increasing the tension every 2min, after each 10min session we quickly did 1min of rapid squats with 10lb weights, followed by a 45sec hold in the squat position. I never ever felt my legs on fire before. This was a great feeling- I am planning to really hammer on Saturday during the bike portion of the race. I just hope the winds are in my favor on the flat course. After our 45min bike session Camille said next time we'll incorporate squat jumps :)

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