Sunday, April 1, 2007

Spirit Run 10K/Kids Run March 25th

I have participated in this 10K now 2 times, last year my time was 55:10. This year I finished at 50:25. I felt pretty strong, going into the race. I figured with all the trail running I have been doing my times would be faster. Also, for about 1 month I have had this nagging left hamstring that just has NOT gone away. I have been taking yoga classes for the last 3-4 weeks which have helped, but I think with the countless miles I’ve been putting on my body things are starting creep up. Overall the experience at this years 10K race was very pleasant, the weather was ideal, it was overcast and slightly windy. Pre-race was fun I ran into my sponsor aquaphore team-mates, and other running partners for the orange country tri club. Post race there was plenty of water support, and a nice spread of booths offering samples. I feel in love with this one product called Bonk Breaker. They offered samples of their Peanut butter & Jelly, it was packaged like a cliff bar, the rep assured me that the bar would not break down in extreme heat or in wet conditions. (more on this later). Having this information I asked for several samples J. After my rounds thru the booth maze, I had about 1hr to wait for the rest of the family to stop by for the Kids Run which started at 10:45am. I had originally signed up Lorraine, my 5year old, but she was “injured” earlier in the week she had participated in her schools jog-a-thon. She completed 13laps, after her event she was complaining about her shine splints…She is now on the inured reserved list. I recruited 2year old Gracie to step up. She was very up beat about the whole event, but when it came time to toe the line with others in her group she FROZE. She finished the 25yrd dash and received her first medal.

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