Friday, November 16, 2007

Weekend Recap-Part 2

After my marathon I was trying to figure out how and the heck am I going to get ready for 18miles on Sunday. To be honest the only aches and pains that I was experiencing was very sore shoulders, and a good workout on the lungs. I made a effort to fall asleep by 8:30pm for my early start the next day. I met with Lisa at 5:00am, and started our journey for 18miles. I felt pretty good, the body was not too stiff as I thought it was going to be. We kept the pace fairly consistent in the first half, then we were able to take it up a notch on the way back. I started to feel the body rejecting the fast leg turnover at mile 17. For that last mile I decided to use that as a recovery or cool down mile :)- The rest of my Sunday included alot of NOTHING, I was entertained with watching the Packers, Cowboys, and Colts. However, Monday was the wake up call that I was expecting, I had sore calves and quads. I somehow made it to my local gym and jumped in the pool for kickboard workout. I felt refreshed but still sore- and contemplated if I should sign up for Surfcity. 20min later I registered - my plan is to take it easy this week for recovery and get on my bike again. I really miss the camaraderie with my road buddies, I have a lot of making up to do.


Addy said...

awesome weekend! congrats on signing up for the race :) You'll be awesome

That Saddleback Marathon course certainly looks challenging. Don't know that it's the toughest though, the Diablo marathon would certaintly give it a run for its money up in norcal, with almost 8000 ft of elevation gain:) but I think I might be biased since Diablo has completely and utterly kicked by butt twice :P. Saddleback is definitely a worthy adversary nonetheless! And somehow not being sore afterwards is amazing. You're obviously at an amwesome place in your training right now, handling such difficult running back to back. Must feel great :D

Great job!

OC.Runner.Girl said...

Great job Pete! You are an animal!
It was awesome to run with you at Saddleback. Let's do some training together. Yes - Holy Jim here we come.