Sunday, November 4, 2007

Sunday Foggy Run

This past week has been a big challenge getting back into the swing of training. After our local fires I pretty much had no training for the past 7-8 days. Yesterdays trail run was cut short in terms of getting access to El Moro, due to a Red Flag warning the park ranger told us not to run inside the park. Instead we ran along Crystal Cove.
Today with the time change I was able to squeeze in 16 miles. The body felt better and I felt like I was back in rhythm. The fog along the beach kept me cool enough to finish strong.
This week is a big for me, I have a trail marathon on Saturday, then I plan to run 18 miles of the Surfcity Marathon course. So hopefully this will be good indicator to see where I am in terms if I can pull off this back to back 50K Ultra (TwinPeaks), and Surfcity race Superbowl weekend. I plan to be a good boy all week now that Halloween is over, I promise to eat all my fruits and veggies and drink plenty of water. By 10:00am next week I should be pulling out my credit card for my official entry in Surfcity. I will keep my fingers crossed. ;-)


Addy said...

Great job getting in a nice 16 this morning :) Hope the trail marathon goes great and is a happy predictor of how the back to back weekend will go!

I'm trying to be good, too, now that halloween is over :D

OC.Runner.Girl said...

Wow...16! Your gonna kick my butt this weekend! That's ok -- I'm up for the challange.=)