Monday, March 17, 2008

33 San Mateo Group Run

This endeavor started towards the end of Dec of last year, after we learned that there would be no local trail races due to the fires. Charlie from the organized this underground Group Supported run (unknown 50K) in San Mateo.
The weather was perfect for running and as you can see from the pictures the views were just amazing. The course was mainly single track and very technical, I managed to only lose 1 toe nail this time. There were several creek crossing where our feet got wet, but they managed to dry very fast. Because the was not a "official race" we relied on print out maps, the course was unmarked, so there was alot of second guessing if you were on the right trail. Overall I had a fantastic time, I was able to see a part of the wilderness that alot of people can't see.

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