Tuesday, April 15, 2008

4 Days and Counting...

I have been battling a head cold for almost 1 week now, I have been forced to rest a blessing to say the least considering how hot it was this past weekend. With local temperatures going into the low 90's I was on active bed rest :) I am now just dealing with the hangover effects of having several shots NyQuil. I plan to test my legs 1 last time before my first 50mile race (Leona Divide) this weekend.

My training started back in Mid December, and I have been pretty consistent with my weekly miles averaging about 40-60 per week. I have managed to develop some close personal relationships along the way. It is amazing the range of topics that a person can talk about during a 8hr training run... In preparation for this weekend I have already started to fill my 3 drop bags with my goodies. What's in the drop bag? 1 bottle of Ensure,1 packet of GU,Sports Beans,1 liter of grape Pedialyte. Any other suggestions?